Hasankeyf readies for a new era

Hasankeyf readies for a new era

BATMAN - Anatolia News Agency
Hasankeyf readies for a new era

The first phase of the housing project consists of 58 apartments with nine different house models. The dam project will be finished by 2015. DHA photo

Measures to resettle the population of Hasankeyf are continuing in preparation for the day when the historical district of Batman is submerged by the waters of the Ilısu Dam, which is part of the vast Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP).

The new Hasankeyf district in the southeastern province will consist of four neighborhoods, Hasankeyf District Gov. Cevat Uyanık recently told Anatolia news agency, adding that the new neighborhoods would have shopping malls and sports centers.

The Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) is currently constructing the new settlement based on a protocol with the General Directorate of Natural Disasters.

In August 2012 the first phase of the settlements will be completed. Uyanık said the houses for Hasankeyf would be in accordance with the needs of the district’s neighborhoods.

Noting that the Hasankeyf’s population is 3,000, Uyanık said: “The new Hasankeyf settlement will have a population of 5,000. We will visit 788 houses with sociologists, and we will show how them what the new settlements will be like for Hasankeyf locals. Social life and public life will be shown.”

 Uyanık said they would meet with the families and ask what they needed and what they wanted from the new district. “Everything will be built according to their requests,” he added.

“With this project we will make a tailor-made settlement,” he said.

Noting that the new Hasankeyf houses would include a lake view, Uyanık said: “The locals requested floor furnaces. Each neighborhood will have floor furnaces. There will be a 10-bed hospital and schools.”

New appartments models of Hasankeyf

The first phase of the project consists of 58 apartments with nine different house models, he said. “The region is very hot during summer and locals used to sleep on the rooftops. That’s why they wanted to have large balconies, which they will use instead of the rooftops.”

Hasankeyf’s current size is 50.82 hectares but the new area will be 284.86 hectares, said Uyanık.
 There will be more green areas, he said, adding that the dam project would be finished by 2015.
Uyanık said a number of firms were taking part in the construction project.

Suat Dizman, the coordinating engineer with Aydın Construction, one of those companies taking part in the project, said the first phase of the project had already started.

There will be an exclusive arrangement, he said, adding that they would continue working until October 2012 on the projects.

The living conditions in the current Hasankeyf are poor, Hasankeyf Culture Association President Ahmet Akdeniz said. “We will be living in a nice environment. The new project promises new buildings, hospitals and shopping malls and much more. This is important for us.”

There will be also a museum at Hasankeyf, which will include cultural artifacts from the region.
The GAP project was first outlined 59 years ago. In addition to the modern-day town, the ancient city of Hasankeyf will also be left underwater by the planned dam.