Glass terrace boosts interest in huge canyon in western Turkey

Glass terrace boosts interest in huge canyon in western Turkey

UŞAK – Anadolu Agency
Glass terrace boosts interest in huge canyon in western Turkey Touted as the second largest canyon in the world, the Ulubey Canyon in the western Turkish province of Uşak, has hosted 250,000 visitors in the last two years after the construction of a 131-meter-high glass terrace. The glass terrace, which is 135-square-meters, was built in the form of a shipboard as a part of the “Park Canyon Project.”

Ulubey District Governor Ahmet Solmaz indicated that the tourists’ interest in the glass terrace has been increasing with each passing day. 

The terrace is built in the 76-metre-long Ulubey Canyon, which Solmaz said is the second longest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the United States.

“Not many visitors came here [to the Ulubey Canyon] before the glass terrace. Now this place has become famous thanks to the glass terrace. Since the terrace’s opening, around 250,000 visitors from different cities and countries have come to visit. A significant part of the terrace is solely made of glass, and it holds the title of being Europe’s largest glass terrace because of its 112-square-meter transparent surface,” he added.

Solmaz also stated that they are working to have the Ulubey Canyon declared as a national park, which would further promote tourism in the region. 

“The tourists visiting the canyon can now eat foods indigenous to Ulubey and they can also visit the ancient Roman city of Blaundus, which is 10 kilometers away from the canyon. Many projects are proceeding for the simultaneous presentation and promotion of these values in our district. We’ll increase the number of visitors by rendering the region a center of attention through new projects,” he said.

Solmaz also spoke about how the Ulubey Canyon appeals to outdoor activities enthusiasts, through facilities such as walking tracks and a campsite that is set to open. 

“Campers who come here requested an area where they can pitch tents, so we reserved an area of 6,000 square meters for campers. We are working to provide them with the comfort they would have in a hotel. This area will be opened to campers in one month,” he said.

Ahmet Akgün, an Uşak local who was visiting the Ulubey Canyon, encouraged everyone to visit the region.

"I live in Uşak but it’s my first time here. It really is beautiful. It is unbelievable that our province contains such a wonder of nature. We took many photographs. I struggled getting on the glass terrace as it is very high. I was quite scared,” Akgün said.