FM: Skopje visit on doomsday symbolic

FM: Skopje visit on doomsday symbolic

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FM: Skopje visit on doomsday symbolic

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. REUTERS photo

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Dec. 21 that Turkey pays close attention to ties with Macedonia, making fun of doomsday prophecies during his visit to Skopje by saying that his choice of being in Macedonia on such a day has symbolic meaning that shows how he sees the city as his home.
“If it is the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, my choice to [be in] Skopje on such a day is symbolic of how much I internalize Skopje,” Davutoğlu said at a joint press conference after meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, Nikola Poposki, on Dec. 21.

Noting that only God knows the real doomsday, Davutoğlu said Turkey’s good relations with Macedonia would continue until the end of the world.

“We intend to improve our economic relations to a billion dollars as soon as possible, as Mr. Poposki emphasized. We are carrying out an intense campaign to increase investments here in Macedonia,” he said. Davutoğlu also met with Macedonian President Gyorge Ivanov.

No crisis in Macedonia: FM

While meeting with Turks living in the country, Davutoğlu praised Macedonia for avoiding crises. “Turkey will be with you at all times. Thank God there is no crisis in Macedonia. We are dealing with crises in other regions, but don’t think that we forgot you while dealing with them. You are in our dreams, our hearts and our speeches,” Davutoğlu said.

He also said they saw the stability of Macedonia as the most important factor for stability in the Balkans, adding that they would strive together for peace and stability in the region.