Eurovision tickets sold in 36 minutes

Eurovision tickets sold in 36 minutes

Eurovision tickets sold in 36 minutes

Tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest live final sold out in 36 minutes, after some fans were faced with error messages and holding screens.

Nine shows in total were available for fans to watch at Liverpool’s arena, ranging from semi-final dress rehearsals, all the way through to the live grand final on 13 May. However, those trying to bag one were met with issues.

People online reported “Error 503” messages, claiming their session had timed out, while others were met with claims they could be a bot.

Tickets for the final sold out in 36 minutes, with the other shows filling up roughly an hour later.

Organizers tweeted that demand had been “super high” for the tickets.

While the Merseyside venue usually holds 11,000 people, it is thought around 6,000 tickets per show will be available, with space being reduced due to the sprawling stage and the production requirements.

There will be a ticket ballot for the 3,000 tickets that have been set aside for Ukrainians living in the UK on visa programs.

Fans who didn’t get tickets can still take part in the show, with Liverpool hosting a cultural festival and a Eurovision fan zone, which can hold 25,000 people at the city’s Pier Head.