'Ephesus of Çukurova' being unearthed

'Ephesus of Çukurova' being unearthed

Ephesus of Çukurova being unearthed

The ruins of the ancient city of Kastabala, which dates back to the 5th century B.C. in the southern province of Osmaniye, are being unearthed through archaeological excavations. Many of its structures have survived to the present day and are called “The Ephesus of Çukurova.”

Excavations continue in the 2,500-year-old ancient city, which is 12 kilometers from the city center and home to a colonnaded street, an amphitheater and a historical castle. The city was one of the religious, cultural and artistic centers of the region

Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Archeology Department Lecturer Faris Demir, who is the head of the excavations carried out by the Osmaniye Museum Directorate, told the state-run Anadolu Agency that the city has an important tourism potential with its natural beauties, historical wealth and cultural texture.

Demir stated that the excavations in Kastabala ancient city are continuing at full speed to increase this potential even more.

Ephesus of Çukurova being unearthed

“Excavations continue uninterruptedly in the amphitheater of the ancient city. We plan to complete the work here in a few years. After the restoration work, we aim to open this place as an important cultural center.”

Demir stated that he believes Osmaniye will become a cultural center with the completion of the works in the amphitheater and said, “The theater is a Roman-era medium-sized theater. It has an advanced architecture and 80 percent of it has survived to the present day.”

Noting that the archaeological excavations in the region will continue until the end of the year, Demir said, “In this year’s work, we have also started plant cleaning and landscaping so that visitors can tour the city easily. Archaeological site management has not been implemented in the region until now.”

“In this context, we have created a ‘stone exhibition’ area by moving the displaced or displaced materials to the location, and we are turning this place into an open-air museum. In the final stage of the work on the theater, we will start the work on the colonnaded street. These two studies will provide a unity. The works on the theater will be finished soon, and the works on the colonnaded street will be completed,” he said.