Duchess of York trial begins in Ankara

Duchess of York trial begins in Ankara

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Duchess of York trial begins in Ankara

Britain Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. AFP Photo

The trial of Sarah Ferguson, Britain’s Duchess of York, in an Ankara court began today over footage she secretly filmed at a branch of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK) and passed on to a British TV channel.

Therapists and teachers from the rehab center Ferguson filmed also attended the hearing. A settlement offer from Ferguson was read in court, but was rejected for "failing to meet the court’s conditions."

Ferguson's lawyer reiterated the Duchess' desire to settle, and asked for extra time to strike a deal. The court postponed the next hearing to give both sides enough time to negotiate a better settlement.

Ferguson was put on trial for violating permit procedures and lying to authorities when she entered the SHÇEK center under a false name and filmed footage of children allegedly being mistreated. The official complaint requested a 7 to 22 year prison sentence for the Duchess for a ''violation of privacy via media."