‘Democracy is our lifeblood,’ says Aydın Doğan

‘Democracy is our lifeblood,’ says Aydın Doğan

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
‘Democracy is our lifeblood,’ says Aydın Doğan Democracy is our lifeblood and whatever the conditions are, we will stand by it, said Doğan Holding Honorary Chairman Aydın Doğan in an associations’ federation meeting he attended on Nov. 20 in his hometown Gümüşhane in the northern Black Sea region. 

“The first direction I gave my friends on the night of July 15 [coup attempt] was ‘no matter what the conditions are, we will always stand by democracy. Democracy is our lifeblood. For this, we will do whatever we can and stand with the government.’ All my friends were likeminded,” said Doğan, also the honorary president of Gümüşhane Industry and Businessmen Association (GÜSİAD). 

Doğan expressed he was delighted to attend the meeting with the people from his hometown, and said he followed the events of the night of the coup in Bodrum, an Aegean coastal town in Turkey’s southwest. 

Doğan also praised President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “courageous stance” on the night of July 15. He said he told the president over the phone “You are a great leader; you have proven your leadership under such critical circumstances.” He said his team had also provided all the support to the government on July 15.  

Doğan Media broadcaster CNN Türk was the first media outlet that spoke to Erdoğan and video called him on a live show which he called on millions of Turkish people to take the streets and defend their democratic right against the military coup.