Curtain rises on new opera season in Ankara

Curtain rises on new opera season in Ankara

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Curtain rises on new opera season in Ankara

The new season of ADOB will include a number of famous operas and new premieres. The program would include performances of ‘Rigoletto,’ ‘Tosca,’ ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Don Giovanni.’

The Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB) is preparing to raise the curtain on another season of performances featuring operas from around the world.

“Our audiences like classic opera works and this year they will have the chance to watch all of the classics,” ADOB President Aykut Çınar recently told Anadolu Agency, adding that the opening would be made Sept. 29 at the ATO Congresium.

The season will include a number of famous operas and new premieres, Çınar said, adding that the program would include performances of “Rigoletto,” “Tosca,” “Macbeth” and “Don Giovanni.” 

Amid the new premieres, ADOB will also put on many works that were performed last year due to their popularity, Çınar said. “Last year a youth musical ‘Fantastic’ completely sold out,” he said, adding that other blockbusters like “Anatolia with Sounds,” “Looking for a Tenor” and “Archine Mal Alan” would be back this year.

The production “The Bat” will also be on stage for audiences this year, he said. 

As for ballet, there will be both modern and classic shows, the ADOB director said. “Last season we decided to stage Muammer Sun’s ‘The Love’s Worth,’ ballet show. This was the world premiere. This excited us a lot last season. This year we will have Count Dracula as a world premiere.”

Just for the kids

Another classic ballet, “Copellia,” will also be on stage, in addition to a new one titled “Mediterranean Breeze,” which consists of tango, bolero and ballet with different tunes.

Çınar said there would be a total of 30 works on stage, as well as special surprises and extra events for state holidays and religious feasts.

Çınar also said they had made special programs for children. “Last year we had The Bremen Town Musicians in and all the kids loved it. The show became a blockbuster show.”

The 2013-14 season will also feature two new works for children, including the Anatolian-themed Nasreddin Hoca opera, which was prepared and staged by Mustafa Erdoğan.

There will be a number of other events for children throughout the season, he said, adding that all the productions had been made in close consultation with pedagogical and education professionals.

Çınar said this year they would organize recitals and chamber concerts at CerModern, something that will allow them to meet with Ankara locals seven days a week. 

A total of 14,000 more people came to view the opera and ballet last year, he said. “This is a state institution. The Turkish Republic bestowed such an institution on its citizens, and our mission is to enable everyone to come into contact with this institution at least once. If we can succeed, we are good managers, but on the contrary, we make a repertoire for our frequent opera-ballet lovers and we don’t have a problem with viewers. But as long as the Turkish Republic exists, we must make every citizen in the country feel our existence, not just the ones living in our city. Everyone does not go to the opera in developed countries, but we should present all opera works and leave the decision to our public.” 

The premiers of the 2013-2014 season will include “Archine Mal Alan,” “The Bat,” Carmen,” “Attila,” “Verdi,” “Coppelia,” “Count Dracula” and Nasreddin Hodja children’s plays. 

Among the opera and ballet works that will be stage again will include “Rigoletto,” “Macbeth,” “Don Giovanni,” “Anatolia with Sounds,” the “Fantastic” musical, “Tenor Wanted,” “Musicians of the Bremen Town,” “The Seraglio,” “Zorba the Greek,” “The Amazons,” “Love’s Worth,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Day and Night” and “Arda Boyları.”