Couple makes bicycles their bridal vehicles

Couple makes bicycles their bridal vehicles

Couple makes bicycles their bridal vehicles

A couple in love with biking in the southern province of Mersin has chosen their bicycles as their “bridal car” and took a city tour on their bikes.

Serap and Sabri Yurdakul were accompanied by their biking friends on their city tour.

Decorating their bridal bikes with balloons, the couple said they wanted to draw attention to people for the use of bicycles and a healthy life.

Serap Yurdakul, who has been cycling for seven years and met her husband while riding a bike, said, “We are nature-friendly people who pedal all the time. On this happy day, we wanted to pedal together with our friends. We would like to thank all our friends who are here now.”

“My husband and I are actively cycling; we will continue after we get married. After I started using the bike, I found myself, then I found my soul mate. I feel very lucky.” she added.

Sabri Yurdakul stated that they organized a bicycle convoy because they wanted to encourage people to live with bicycles.

Through the convoy city tour, which started in Mezitli district and ended at Adnan Menderes Beach, Mersin Cycling Travelers (MBG) Association President Ahmet Salih Özenir said that they wanted to increase the awareness of bicycles.

“The bicycle is a healthy, environmentally friendly and economical means of transportation. Today, it has become an indispensable means of transportation in cities.” he added.

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