Children dream of becoming YouTubers, TikTokers

Children dream of becoming YouTubers, TikTokers

Melike Çalkap - ISTANBUL
Children dream of becoming YouTubers, TikTokers

The era of social media has considerably affected the mindsets of the new generation, as many now dream of becoming influencers and vloggers on popular social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok to make quick money, say experts.

New trends in social media and the fact that the people seen on these media platforms are being recognized day by day and earning money have changed the future plans of children and young people.

“With digitalization and new media technologies, professions have started to transform, and new professions have entered our lives, like influencers,” said Tolga Kara, a professor from Marmara University’s Faculty of Communication.

Being a TikToker is the new trend among young people these days, according to Kara, saying that the thing that made TikTok so popular in a short time is that it’s not concerned with “one’s cultural identity.”

“TikTok is a platform designed to enable you to continuously produce content with its unique algorithm, the tasks it gives to its users, and the content style that is mainly about singing, dancing or takeoff.”

Pointing out that TikTok offers ordinary people a stage where they can exist only with their bodies, Kara said they reach millions of people, regardless of their profession, appearance, material and cultural capital.

“This may seem attractive, but it should not be forgotten that social networks are always based on ‘looking attractive.’ So that appearance can be deceiving.”

Neslihan İnal, a professor from Dokuz Eylül University, warned the easy accessibility of social media and the lack of a filter or control in this regard affects children and young people.

“It is tempting to think that they will get money and fame quickly and that they can achieve certain things with very little effort.”

According to teachers, secondary and high school students consider becoming a TikToker or YouTuber their dream job.

They point out that students dream of becoming an influencer on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok with the dream of ​​making easy money and getting recognition.

“Students think that money starts to pour in when they click the registration button, which attracts them and sounds fun,” said Murat Bal, a Turkish teacher in a secondary school.

“The high school students I take classes with want to be TikTokers,” said Mustafa Özbaş, a Turkish language and literature teacher, noting that those who want to be YouTubers are mostly secondary school students.

Students aspire to become a YouTuber or TikToker with the mindset that they can earn money very quickly and easily, said Zehra Güler, a visual arts teacher, adding that especially becoming famous and recognized attracts them.

“Twenty of the 30 students in my class want to be YouTubers,” Güler said.

Özlem Şahin Cenik, a geography teacher in a high school, said she doesn’t meet many students who want to study law or become doctors or engineers anymore.