Canyons offer a “wild heaven” to visitors

Canyons offer a “wild heaven” to visitors

Canyons offer a “wild heaven” to visitors

Pristine natural habitat and adrenalin-inducing rock climbing and canyoning opportunities at two of Turkey’s longest and deepest canyons has been drawing visitors to a remote district in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu.

Pınarbaşı district is home to two canyons – Horma Canyon (16 kilometers long and 1,300 meters deep) and Valla Canyon (12.5 kilometers/7.8 miles long and some 1,100 meters deep), both located within the Kure Mountains National Park. The two canyons are overflowing with tourism potential but still are not widely known, said Şenol Yaşar, mayor of the Pınarbaşı district, said in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

He described the area as a “wild heaven.”

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Worlds second deepest canyon attracts visitors

“There is no need to go to Arizona,” Yaşar said, referring to the Grand Canyon in that U.S. state. “We want to introduce [the canyons] here and increase the number of tourists.”

Yaşar said about 60,000 people visit Horma Canyon each year for trekking.

“We will do our best to increase the number of visitors,” he said.

People can observe the precipitous cliffs, rushing water and endemic plants and animals by walking on a wood walking platform on Horma Canyon, he said.

Meral Kuvan, head of the Natural Sports Research Association, said visitors need a short training to navigate the steep canyons.

“The amount of water, water flow and siphons make it risky. These siphons will be deadly,” Kuvan said, adding that people should enter the canyon with experienced guides.

Canyoner Hakan Ziyadeoğlu said that Horma Canyon reminded him of an aquapark with its water slides.