Campaign brings laptop back to boy after mother loses job

Campaign brings laptop back to boy after mother loses job

Campaign brings laptop back to boy after mother loses job

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A young boy who had to return his new laptop due to financial difficulties after his mother lost her job has been gifted two new computers by the sales company where he had initially bought the device after a social media campaign.

The massive social media campaign started just after a message the boy wrote on the sales company’s website, saying, “Eleven days after it got delivered to me, I had to give back the laptop because my mother lost her job. It hurt me.”

“I don’t know why I am writing this. But it broke my heart. I could not tell anyone. I had bought it with the money I earned working as a porter for two years.”

“I will work after the pandemic and buy this computer again and write a new comment on this website,” he said.

The website’s users soon noticed his message and launched a campaign to help him out.

In a short time, several hundred messages telling the boy they can buy one for him were sent out.

The followers then began emailing the CEO of the company, calling them on to help the boy.

The CEO of the company determined the boy’s identity from the sales records and reached the family, but his mother initially hesitated because she did not want to disclose their identities.

The CEO said he would keep their names confidential, as the boy was given the laptop back.

The company gifted another laptop to the boy’s brother as well as two gamepads.

The CEO informed social media followers that the laptop had been sent back to the boy.

The boy thanked the several hundred social media users for reaching out to him. “I’m very glad to have you all. I will sleep happily tonight,” he said.