Azerbaijani ‘Survivor’ in Marmaris

Azerbaijani ‘Survivor’ in Marmaris

MU?LA - Anatolia News Agency
Azerbaijani ‘Survivor’ in Marmaris

14 Azerbaijani girls in the competition will survive by fishing in Marmaris. DHA photo

An Azerbaijani TV reality-competition show will be shot on the coast of Çökertme, 25 kilometers away from the Aegean town of Marmaris’ İnbükü. Fourteen Azerbaijani girls will take part in the competition, which is modeled on “Survivior.” The girls, who went on a “blue cruise” before the competition, appeared at a press conference held at the Marmaris Yacht Marina.

Leyla Seyidzadeh, a representative from the TV show, said that the show will present a high-quality cross-section from the lives of the young girls during the competition. She said the competitors will try to remain healthy and presentable even during the most difficult times of the competition. “The competition will be shot in Marmaris for a month. The girls have been chosen for the program due to their interesting life stories. There was great interest in the competition, and we will start with 14 girls. Our agency has selected Marmaris for [filming] the program thanks to its natural beauty.”

In the competition, the girls will struggle against each other as well as against the area’s natural conditions to try to survive by fishing.

The Muğla Governor’s Office has issued a statement saying that Çökertme Cove will be closed to daily visits until Aug. 5, due to filming of the program.