Azerbaijani businessman killed in armed clash in Istanbul

Azerbaijani businessman killed in armed clash in Istanbul

Azerbaijani businessman killed in armed clash in Istanbul

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An Azerbaijani businessman was killed and his driver was wounded in an armed clash that erupted early on Aug. 18 in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

Two assailants opened fire on businessman Ravşan Aliyev and his driver at around 12:30 a.m. after they departed from a meeting at a hotel on Yıldız Street inside a luxury jeep. An armed clash later erupted when the duo responded to the assailants.

Aliyev and his driver were wounded in the clash as the assailants fled the scene on foot.

The two were transferred to hospital but Aliyev subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

In addition, one automatic weapon and two pistols were found at the scene.

Police conducted an operation to apprehend the fleeing assailants.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani media named Aliyev as well-known mafia leader Rövşen Lenkeranski (Aliyev), according to Doğan News Agency.

According to a report by the website, the personal bodyguard of Lenkeranski reportedly said they were assaulted after a dinner and that his condition was critical.

The report added that Lenkeranski was among the suspects wanted by Italian Interpol, after which he changed his surname. He is also reported to have given an order to kill an Armenian-origin gangster named Ded Hasan. 

Aliyev also reportedly killed the judge who ordered the arrest of his father.

However, the Azerbaijani consulate in Istanbul announced that the death reports circulating in Azerbaijan did not reflect the truth and that they had not been informed of any casualties.