Another abuse claim on Alevis in Malatya

Another abuse claim on Alevis in Malatya

Another abuse claim on Alevis in Malatya

Another Alevi family was attacked in Sürgü on July 26. DHA photo

Property of an Alevi family in Sürgü has reportedly been vandalized, soon after an attack on an Alevi family in Malatya’s Sürgü village.

The district prosecutor has initiated an investigation into the incident.

Cemal Mazıcı’s car tires were slashed, and curse words as well as “Death to Alevis” were written on his car the night of Aug. 16 in Sürgü village in the eastern province of Malatya, daily Cumhuriyet reported. Mazıcı, who discovered the damage when he left his house in the morning, reported the situation to the gendarmerie. The district prosecutor started an investigation into the incident while gendarmerie teams inspected the car.

On July 26, the home of an Alevi family was stoned and their stables were burned down by an angry mob of 100-150 people in Malatya after Hasan Hüseyin Evli allegedly told a Ramadan drummer not to wake them for sahur, the meal before sunrise. Another member of Evli family, Servet Evli, claimed that pressure and threats directed at them continued in the neighborhood.

“This event upset us greatly when only 20 days ago another incident took place, and we were still shocked and anxious about that. There was no physical assault against me but we are very anxious. The state needs to stop the negative and wrong policies about Alevis and eliminate this kind of mindset. A ‘small’ incident can lead to a massacre. The attackers and the state are turning a blind eye to these acts.” Mazıcı said. The Malatya Governor’s Office stated all aspects of the incident are being investigated.