Animals found dead of suspected poisoning in Antalya

Animals found dead of suspected poisoning in Antalya

Animals found dead of suspected poisoning in Antalya

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At least eight animals including stray dogs and cats were found dead in the Güzelbağ neighborhood of the southern province of Antalya, as residents suspected the animals were deliberately fed poisoned meat, which may have harmed more animals in the area. 

Four dogs, two cats and a hedgehog were found dead by the residents of the neighborhood, who also found poisoned meat near greenhouses in the area, strengthening the suspicion that the animals were victims of a deliberate act. 

The residents suspected more local animals may have been victims of toxication, as they had not encountered them in recent days

Resident Arzu Ayaz said some 12 hedgehogs that fed on dog and cat food had not come to her garden recently, as some other animals she was feeding also disappeared. Ayaz said she resorted to tying up the animals to protect them. 

“Now enough, I want animals to live. I came here after selling my house downtown to take care of animals. They [some people] are bothered by these animals’ barking but in this case, humans talk loud as well... Humans cause more noise.” 

Another resident of the neighborhood, Olga Cankurt, said she suspected that the dogs were poisoned after some people were bothered by their barking and added that those who committed these acts “were not humans.”

Another resident, meanwhile, said he fed around 100 dogs in the area, adding he had not seen some 40 of them recently. 

“A woman said one of the dogs had foam in its mouth. They probably poisoned those dogs too,” Ümit Özoğlu said. 

The Antalya Candostları Protection and Adoption Association announced that its members were preparing to file a criminal complaint for the poisoned dogs.