Anatolia’s iconic lake dries up completely

Anatolia’s iconic lake dries up completely

Anatolia’s iconic lake dries up completely

Lake Kellah in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas’ Ulaş district has completely dried up due to years of low rainfall and wrong agricultural irrigation practices.

The iconic lake, which is fed by water sources coming from Tecer Mountain and rainfall, has not been able to collect water due to the dry seasons in recent years.

The drying of the lake, which plays an important role in the irrigation of the fields around it, has negatively affected agricultural production in the region.

Locals believe that climate change is an important factor in the extinction of the lake, which once had a depth of seven meters.

The salt layer, covering an area of nearly five acres, has formed on the surface due to the drying of the lake.

The salt layer was photographed with a drone.

The drying lakes, which make up the majority of freshwater resources, also destroys the species around that lake.

More than 35 lakes across the country have dried up and disappeared in the last 50 years, according to environmental platforms.