Academic year ends for over 17 million students

Academic year ends for over 17 million students

Academic year ends for over 17 million students

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More than 17 million Turkish students have begun a three-month vacation, as the academic year for pre-college level educational institutions ended on June 12.

A total of 17,559,989 students have received their report cards for the end of the academic year. The upcoming academic year for elementary, middle and high schools will begin on Sept. 14.

The high school entrance exam results will be announced on June 24, while high school graduates will take the university entrance exam over a period of more than a week in mid-June. 

Turkish Education Minister Nabi Avcı attended a year-end ceremony at Mitat Enç School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the capital Ankara on June 12 to mark the end of the academic year.

“I wish all our children a happy and healthy future and I would like to thank our teachers for the efforts they have made all along the academic year... The students of this school, in particular, need special effort and attention. We know how their parents make concessions for the good of them. I wish all of them a clear mind,” said Avcı, in his speech at the ceremony on June 12.

He said parents should not mind low marks on their children’s report cards and that students were able to improve, if any, low marks. 

“When you ask students what they are going to do on vacation, they all would say they will study hard. That is not what we wanted them to do. They should have rest as well as have fun so that they will be ready for the new academic year,” he added.