A letter from Hürriyet editor: It is not time

A letter from Hürriyet editor: It is not time

Enis Berberoğlu
A letter from Hürriyet editor: It is not time

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The hell of Soma has shown that what we used to consider destiny or inevitable was actually a higher possibility.

Let’s keep this in mind and continue.

A part of the media, which has sworn to be on the opposition, is portraying the prime minister as a target.

The pro-government media, on the other side, is overlooking intolerant clumsiness, torment and even atrocity against mourners and the protest reflex.

Let’s note this down also and get to the point.

Daily Sabah, the voice of the government, mainly picks Hürriyet and its parent company Doğan Group as its foe, smearing it even under such conditions as after the mine tragedy.

You should see that not only the Turkish press but also the world media is full of photographs from Soma. It is not easy to understand what mentality or codes of profession Sabah obeys by printing the photo of our Honorary President Aydın Doğan on its first page.

However, there is no need to reflect upon the question “Why?”

Because the issue is not about publishing, news reports, comments or broadcasting.

Daily Sabah aims at shifting the agenda by engaging in media wars.

Since it is not capable of not even determining the agenda but following it, Sabah is asking for trouble, seeking help.

But we won’t help, we will not get involved in this game. We did not fall into the trap of media wars in the past and we will not do so today.

We will leave in their hole of professional envy those who have given up only informing the reader.
They should be aware of this, before we elaborate on their ridiculous claims.

“Hürriyet is defending the owner of the mine in Soma,” says Sabah.

“Have a heart,” we say to you, precious reader. Hürriyet was the daily to send its most senior writers and reporters to the field in the very early hours after the Soma disaster.
It was a Hürriyet columnist who headlined his article: “I would commit suicide if this happened at a mine owned by me.” It was another Hürriyet columnist who asked: “Why did these people die if it’s true that the technology used there was improved?”

It was again Hürriyet to determine the agenda by questioning the lack of rescue chambers at the mine, writing that the so-called inflammable electricity cables were indeed flammable, and reporting about false ventilation and unregistered workers.

Let’s take a breath and get to the heart of the issue.

What is it that they demand from us that we do not fulfil?

Do they expect us to act as the police, the prosecutor, the jury, the judge and the hangman at the same time?

Let’s say it in advance. No we will not.

We will not erect gallows poles.

We will not run behind politicians, bureaucrats, businesspeople with the noose in our hands.

I say it once again bluntly.

I promise that we will not draw back in this matter.

I also assure you that we will stand at the edge of journalistic enthusiasm and responsibility.

We will respect the people’s right to be informed correctly.

This is why it is not the time for other discussions.

Let us grieve, do not make noise.

This is my last word!