4 people murdered every day in Turkey in 2015, police records show

4 people murdered every day in Turkey in 2015, police records show

Fevzi Kızılkoyun – ANKARA
4 people murdered every day in Turkey in 2015, police records show There were at least 1,500 homicide victims in 2015 across Turkey in areas under surveillance by the police and where 86 percent of the country’s population lives, police records have shown.

The figures indicated there was an increase of more than 2 percent over the homicide rate in 2014, while the biggest increase was in domestic violence-related femicides.  

According to the records, money-related killings topped the list, followed by so-called honor and sexual assault killings including those related to adultery, rape and romantic break-ups. 

The records showed other homicides were often caused by or related to domestic violence, hostility, jealousy, outbursts of anger, traffic incidents, gambling, alcohol, land disputes and inheritance disputes. 

Gang-related killings constituted only two percent of all homicides, largely thanks to the quick exposure of gangs and an increase in operations conducted against them, the police said, adding that serial killers were nonexistent in Turkey in 2015. 

The figures highlighted that domestic violence-related killings were on the rise, while noting domestic violence victims were mostly killed by immediate family members, including husbands, fathers, sons and brothers, though killings by ex-boyfriends and fiancées was also existent.  

Some 27 of the female victims were reportedly under police protection at the time they were killed.

Police records also indicated an increase in homicide rates in areas of the country which received a greater number of immigrants in relation to the regions which received a comparatively lower number of immigrants. 

It was also added that 193 homicide victims in 2015 were less than 18 years old. 

According to the police, 94 percent of all homicide cases were solved in 2015, which was largely attributed to the rise in the use of surveillance cameras and the investigators’ use of the latest technology in solving crimes, including analysis of blood stains, discarded cigarettes, hair and soil samples and shoe and wheel prints.  

The police also used various methods to determine the identities of the victims, including analysis of body, teeth and jaw structure, tattoos, fingerprints, past surgical operations and DNA. 

The records also indicated guns were the most common murder weapon at 67 percent, while pointed objects such as knives, skewers and screwdrivers used for stabbing were the second most common method. Other methods included choking, hanging and physical abuse.