22-carat golden dress in Turkey bought by Iraqi jeweler

22-carat golden dress in Turkey bought by Iraqi jeweler

22-carat golden dress in Turkey bought by Iraqi jeweler

A specially designed golden dress was sold for 1.2 million Turkish Liras ($290,000) to an Iraqi jeweler at a jewelry fair on April 29 in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

The 2nd Mesopotamia Jewelry Fair opened its doors to visitors on April 27.

Zerya Gold CEO Kamuran Kaya, who exhibited 22-carat golden dress, said it was completed by a group of 10 people and weighed seven kilograms.

“Dresses is usually made according to the body measurements of our customers. It weighs seven kilograms and the materials used amounted to 1.1 million Turkish Liras, and the person who bought it had almost the same body measurements,” Kaya said.

“Our dress was the most expensive piece at the fair and it is the first time we have made it. We have also received a number of requests for the same dress. We will respond to all these requests,” he added.

Another attention-grabbing piece at the fair was a golden watermelon worth more than 4 million liras.

More than 100 firms attended the fair mainly from Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaijan.

“We believe that it is a great contribution to the city of Diyarbakır because it is the only jewelry fair in the region. We had beautiful products and we exhibited them well. A very nice harmony was achieved,” said Nuzar Jewelry CEO Zülfikar Ortaç said.

 “We are planning to do it every year. Over the last three days the occupancy rate in hotels in Diyarbakır has almost reached 100 percent. We believe people who are hesitant to come to Diyarbakir can come to such event organizations to be held in Diyarbakir very comfortably, not only for jewelry fairs,” Ortaç added.