16thAfife Jale awards presented to actors

16thAfife Jale awards presented to actors

16thAfife Jale awards presented to actors

Turan Oflazoğlu (R) recieves the special award of Afife Jale Theater awards.

The 16th annual Yapı Kredi Afife Jale Theater Awards were presented in an award ceremony at Haliç Congress Center on April 30.

“Currently, Afife Jale awards are the best and the most prestigious award. This is an special night for us,” the awards’ executive board manager Salih Başağa said in a speech given during the ceremony.

For 16 years, Yapı Kredi has not only supported theater financially, but also intellectually through the awards, said Başağa. “This is proof of how Yapı Kredi supports the arts and culture scene,” Başağa said. “This year we have ameliorated the awards and we have increased our membership.”

The Yapı Kredi executive award went to Turan Oflazoğlu with the special award of the night received by Nedret Güvenç and Ülkü Ayvaz. Overall, City Theaters actors received eight out of 15 awards this year.

“This award event is a passion of mine. I am still excited about these awards and the aim is to develop and renew,” said Haldun Domen, actor and consultant to the awards team, speaking during the event.

Yapı Kredi CEO Faik Açıkalın called the night a success. “This is the 16th Afife Jale Theater awards that have been organized and we are proud of that. Every year we aim to develop ourselves more,” Açıkalın said.