Heavy rain in Thrace kills three

Heavy rain in Thrace kills three

KIRKLARELİ - Doğan News Agency
Heavy rain in Thrace kills three

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Heavy rains in the northwestern province of Kırklareli’s Büyükkarıştıran neighborhood caused a creek to flood, killing three people and leaving many houses and workplaces under water.

The D-100 Highway connecting Lüleburgaz and Çorlu was closed to traffic in both lanes, making it difficult for rescue crews to access the district. Houses, workplaces and vehicles suffered damage from the floodwaters, which claimed the lives of Zehra Demirel, Siyami Yeni and his son Semih Yeni.

“Many houses were flooded. Within the last 24 hours, [10 centimeters] of rain fell in a one-square meter area. Our units are maintaining their work,” Kırklareli Deputy Gov. Günay Öztürk said. The rain eased yesterday morning.

In the northwestern province of Tekirdağ’s Karamehmet and Bakırca villages, a flooded creek left many houses and barns in the region underwater. Several citizens stranded in their home were saved by the Tekirdağ Provincial Police Department units, though many animals were killed in the flooded barns.
Tekirdağ Gov. Ali Yerlikaya examined the Karamehmet and Bakırca villages and issued a one-day recess for schools in Saray.