Zeid’s work sold for 400,000 liras

Zeid’s work sold for 400,000 liras

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
Zeid’s work sold for 400,000 liras

Fahrelnisa Zeid’s abstract composition sold for 400,000 liras during Artı Mezat auction held in Istanbul.

Turkish contemporary artist Fahrelnisa Zeid’s abstract composition titled “Fahrelnisa” sold for 400,000 Turkish Liras during an auction that took place on Nov. 30 at the Sofa Hotel by Artı Mexat auction house.

The auction was presented by the owner of the auction house Jale Tantekin. Among other paintings, Adnan Çoker’s “Minimal C 9” painting sold for 375,000 liras. The work was triptych, as well as one of the favorite works of the auction.

Mümin Orhan’s abstract composition sold for 110,000 liras and Mehmet Güleryüz’s portraits sold for 100,000 liras. Mehmet Günyeli’s “Kader Denizi” (The Sea of fate) sold for 60,000 liras.

Tantekin said, “We have presented many famous artists from contemporary Turkish paintings and art and the interest in the auction was great. We are very pleased.”

Noting these precious works have entered into the protection of the collectors, Tantekin said these paintings will be given to the next generation as a treasure.

“These pieces receive their value just like this,” she added.