World’s first Instagram horror series from Turkey

World’s first Instagram horror series from Turkey

World’s first Instagram horror series from Turkey

The countdown to “Eşik” (Cradle) – the world’s first Instagram horror television series – has begun.

The show, which stars Erkan Çelik and Gizem Nur Doğa, is set to be Instagram’s first ever horror series, as its 59-second episodes are posted on the social media site.

Erdoğan Eyrik, who wrote the screenplay for the 10-episode thriller-horror series, directed the show together with Seyithan Kartal. Produced with the cooperation of Avantgarde Yapım and Ahtapot Film Prodüksiyon, Dr. Medya headed the series’ post-production.

The series will air two episodes per week with a cast that includes Gökhan Kalafat, Serdar Sezgin Güvenç, Burak Gürses, Ercan Geçkin, Şule Yılmaz, Neslihan Yalçın, Eren Arifer, Erol Göç, Kenan Yalçın and Gizem Erkoç. Once aired on Instagram, the series will also greet audiences through YouTube and Twitter.

In “Eşik,” a middle-aged man named Fikret lost his wife a year ago. After falling into a depression, he completely isolates himself from the community and begins to live in a house outside the city.

Fikret has two claims. His first claim is that he killed two of the three persons responsible for the death of his wife. His second claim is that the souls of these two persons torment him. He feels that the voices he hears and the shadows he sees each night are getting closer, and that his own life is in danger.