Virgin Mary Church needs road to be reached

Virgin Mary Church needs road to be reached

Virgin Mary Church needs road to be reached

The Virgin Mary Church, located next to the Selime Cathedral in the Ihlara Valley, the starting point of Cappadocia, does not attract as much attention as other places in the region, as it can only be reached by walking on a difficult road.

Stating that nobody wants to come to the church because there is a transportation problem, Selime Mayor Levent Çevik said that the church could be reached easily by a ladder to be built.

Located in the Central Anatolian province of Aksaray’s Güzelyurt district, Ihlara Valley, which is the starting point of the Cappadocia region, has become a favorite cultural tourism destination in recent years due to its historical places such as Selime Cathedral, Hasan Mountain, Narlı Lake and the church.

The largest cathedral of Cappadocia, Selime Cathedral draws attention with depictions such as the Virgin Mary and the ascension of Jesus Christ to the sky.

Çevik stated that they want the church to be brought in tourism and that people climb a steep slope to reach the church.

“Everyone who comes to Selime knows the cathedral. We have the Virgin Mary Church, which is waiting to be discovered. I want this church to be brought in tourism as soon as possible. Nobody wants to come here because there is a road problem. This is why many people don’t know the Virgin Mary Church. It is really a beautiful and worth seeing church. I want to make a road, but my effort is not enough. We cannot do anything without permission,” Çevik said.