US ambassador’s wife hangs photos by Turkish artist on house walls

US ambassador’s wife hangs photos by Turkish artist on house walls

Rıza Özel – ANKARA
US ambassador’s wife hangs photos by Turkish artist on house walls

U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Jeffry Flake’s wife has decorated the walls of their residence in the capital Ankara with some 21 photos captured by a Turkish photographer, Cuma Çevik.

“A photo showing the running horses and another with a sunset view reminded us of the state of Arizona, where we were born and raised,” Cheryl Flake said during a reception the couple organized to exhibit the photographs to local and foreign diplomatic representatives.

The photos show views of Lake Karagöl and the Delikkaya Waterfall in the northeastern province of Artvin’s Şavşat and Murgul districts, Avusor Upland in the Black Sea province of Rize, the Valley of the Butterflies in the southwestern province of Muğla’s Fethiye district, the Tazı Canyon in the southern province of Antalya, the wild ‘Yılkı’ horses in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri, the lavender gardens in the southern province of Isparta and the historical Cappadocia region.

“We can exhibit artworks inside the embassies within the scope of the ‘Art in Embassies’ program conducted by the U.S. State Department,” she said.

When asked how they found out Çevik’s photographs, the ambassador’s wife noted, “Bringing artworks to the residence takes some time. So while we were waiting, we started searching for a Turkish artist expert in landscape photography.”

“Then we found out Cuma Çevik’s name. His works appealed to us.”
Çevik, who participated in the organization with his wife Merve, said he was “surprised.”

Telling stories of each photo hung on the residence’s walls, Çevik said, “I sent my 50 works to them [the Flakes], they chose 21 of them. I was surprised. It is a good feeling.”

The Turkish artist, who has been living in London since 2019, said his passion for photography started in his university years in the Black Sea province of Bolu.

“I was always interested in photography. While I was studying at İzzet Baysal University, I attended some ateliers. After graduation, I chose photography as a profession,” he said.

“Bolu, with its magnificent nature, was a chance for me,” he added.

Thanking Çevik for giving his photos to the residence, Cheryl Flake said, “We wanted to share his imposing skill with everyone.”

At the end of the reception, Çevik gave some travel suggestions to Cheryl Flake for visiting some must-see places in Turkey, such as Cappadocia.

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