‘Unearthed cat’ becomes mascot of historical site

‘Unearthed cat’ becomes mascot of historical site

‘Unearthed cat’ becomes mascot of historical site

A kitten found half-buried in the ground by an archaeologist in the Aegean province of Çanakkale has become the mascot of Maydos Kilisetepe Mound, where archaeological excavations have been taking place.

Archaeologist Göksel Sazcı, who led a team conducting excavations in the mound, which was inhabited continuously from the Chalcolithic Age to the Middle Ages, found two baby cats half-buried in the ground left to die.

One of the kittens died, apparently buried by the mother cat with the thought of it being sick, while the other was immediately taken to the vet by Sazcı.

After a period of intensive treatment and feeding, the kitten grew up and recovered, but he did not leave the archaeologist and his team.

The cat, who they named Mokali, is now running around the archaeological site, playing with the excavation team, but mostly sleeping in the shade. 

“It is a very important finding for us. He works with us as a team member in the excavation,” the archaeologist said.

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