Turkish scientist develops 'quick' DNA profiling kit

Turkish scientist develops 'quick' DNA profiling kit

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Turkish scientist develops quick DNA profiling kit

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Turkish scientist Assoc. Prof. Huseyin Onay from Ege University's Faculty of Medicine, achieved to decrease the time of DNA profiling test to 34 minutes with a kit he developed, which is normally done in 6 hours. 

"Normally the test is done in 6 hours minimum. FBI is doing it in 2 hours approximately. We are in the middle of a research and development process and we reached 34 minutes," he told on Feb. 9 in an exclusive interview. 

Onay added that right now they are the fastest in doing the test. He stressed that it is possible to make %100 accurate identity detection with the DNA. 

Onay added the test is used today in forensics medicine but its potential usage areas include financial sector and passport controls at borders. 

"It could be used instead of a passport. Our dream is this: You will drop your saliva sample to a special paper and in minutes your identity will be detected, thanks to a very quick device," Onay said. 

He added that their goal is doing the test firstly in 30 minutes, then decreasing the time to 10 minutes and later to 5 minutes. 

Onay is continuing his works at a company he founded 1,5 years ago inside the technopark of Ege University campus in Turkey's Aegean city of Izmir.

He conducted nearly 100,000 genetic tests in 15 years.