Turkish military in ‘firepower’ world top 10 list

Turkish military in ‘firepower’ world top 10 list

Turkish military in ‘firepower’ world top 10 list


Turkey ranked eighth on the top 10 list of global military powers, according to the GlobalFirepower.com website.

The ranking of 113 countries published on Global Firepower relies on over 50 different factors, including total firearms, geographical position, and natural resources, to determine the related countries’ “PowerIndex” [PwrIndx] score, with 0.0000 being perfect. 

According to 2017 Military Strength Ranking with 113 countries in its database, Turkey ranked eighth with a PwrIndx rating of 0.2491, just ahead of Germany, which has a 0.2609 PwrIndx and Egypt with a PwrIndx of 0.2676.

Turkey’s ranking showed that it has a total of 41.6 million manpower available, 35 million people fit-for-service, and 1.3 million people of military age.

The country has a total of 743,415 military personnel within the armed forces, with 382,850 being active and the other 360,565 being reserve staff, the website stated.  

Turkey also has a total aircraft strength of 1,018, with 207 fighter aircrafts and 207 attack aircrafts; 194 naval assets with 16 frigates, nine corvettes and 12 submarines; 2,445 combat tanks, 7,550 armored fighting vehicles, 1,013 self-propelled artillery, 697 towed artillery and 811 rocket projectors, according to the rankings.

The defense budget of the country is $8.2 billion and it has a total labor force of 30.2 million, it added.
This year’s list ranked U.S. first with a PwrIndx of 0.0857. Russia was ranked second with a PwrIndx of 0.0929 and China ranked third with a PwrIndx of 0.945.

They were followed by India with a PwrIndx of 0.1593, France with a PwrIndx of 0.1914, the United Kingdom with a PwrIndx of 0.2131, and Japan with a PwrIndx of 0.2137.

The three countries that ranked lowest were Sierra Leone with a PwrIndx of 4.3701, Suriname with a PwrIndx of 5.0495, and Bhutan with a PwrIndx of 6.9805.