Turkish army hits YPG convoy, shields civilian one

Turkish army hits YPG convoy, shields civilian one

ANKARA–Anadolu Agency
Turkish army hits YPG convoy, shields civilian one

In addition to the terrorist convoy in the region, there was also a nearby civilian convoy, according to the Turkish army.

“Only the convoy belonging to YPG/PKK-Daesh terrorist groups was targeted during the operation, and as always, utmost care was taken to not harm any civilians,” the Turkish General Staff said in a statement. 

It added that the terrorist convoy of 30-40 vehicles was intercepted about 15 kilometers (nine miles) southeast of Afrin and that care was taken to keep gunfire well away from the civilian convoy. 

In a video posted on social media showing the Turkish army striking the convoy, heavy smoke can be seen after the targets were hit. 

Multiple blasts coming from the burning vehicles apparently show that they were loaded with ammunition. 

Turkish army 'neutralized' 1,931 militants in Afrin

A total of 1,931 YPG militants have been "neutralized" since the beginning of Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s northwestern Afrin region, the Turkish military said on Feb. 24. 

The military generally uses the term "neutralize" to signify that the targets were either surrendered or killed, or captured.

32 soldiers killed, 183 wounded since beginning op

Since the beginning of the operation, 32 soldiers were killed, 183 others were injured. 

Separately, 28 militants were neutralized during counterterrorism operations against PKK/KCK across Turkey between Feb. 17 and Feb. 23. 

In addition, 20 infantry rifles, 825 small arms and ammunition for bomb launchers, 16 hand grenades, two antipersonnel mines were among those seized in nationwide anti-terror operations. 

Four weapon pits, shelters, caves, and depots used by militants were also destroyed, the statement added. 

Three soldiers were killed, two others wounded in last week’s operations, according to the statement. 

Some 6,864 undocumented migrants were also captured in Turkey.

Turkey on Jan. 20 launched Operation Olive Branch to remove YPG militants from Afrin.