Turkey's famous Demirtaşpaşa Hamam welcomes tourists

Turkey's famous Demirtaşpaşa Hamam welcomes tourists

BURSA – Anatolia News Agency
Turkeys famous Demirtaşpaşa Hamam welcomes tourists Known as the “city of water,” Bursa in northwest Turkey is home of the famous, ancient Demirtaşpaşa Hamam. As one of the most-visited places in the city, it is open every day serving locals and tourists alike.
The Turkish bath was built in 1390, Demirtaşpaşa Hamam manager İrfan Pulat told the Anatolia news agency, during the Yıldırım Beyazıt era by Oruç Bey, the son of Demirtaş Paşa. During ancient times it was known as the “serpentine hamam” and hosted the sultan’s exclusive guests. Architects have preserved its original characteristics throughout various renovation projects and the natural environment and ambiance of the hamam has not been damaged.

Decorated to reflect its former Ottoman glory, the entrance features a large saloon with several chairs for relaxing post-scrub. Resting rooms fan out from the saloon and as well are available on the second and third floors of the building. A corridor leading to the bathing area is heated and humidified to allow for guests to relax and prepare or indulge in a massage before the bath itself.

The main bathing area contains a pool and pool beds as well as a naval stone, the central scrub and massage location in a Turkish bath. Several bathing basins, steam rooms and showers surround the central dais, all in traditional Ottoman style.

Guest can choose to begin with a bath or first relax in the steam pools or massage corridor, but the central naval stone is the most popular area in the hamam, according to Pulat, who noted that the stone is unique to Ottoman culture. Known for its healing powers, guests can lie on the heated stone to relieve back and muscle pains.

After bathing, guests can hydrate with refreshments such as sparkling water or fruit juice, as the hamam also boasts modern amenities such as a cafe and hairdresser.

Pulat noted that not all Turkish hamams are organized the same way. “In some of the hamams, people move from cold areas to warmer places and this not very right,” he said. “Our customers are given exclusive rooms and attended to exclusively.”

Similar to a spa, hamams welcome their guests to relax, refresh and relieve stress during their bathing experience. In the words of Demirtaşpaşa Hamam’s website, there is nothing better than being clean.