Turkey voices concern about Germany's new dress regulation

Turkey voices concern about Germany's new dress regulation

ANKARA- Anadolu Ajansı
Turkey voices concern about Germanys new dress regulation

Turkey voiced concern on May 7 about new legislation in Germany that bans public employees from wearing symbols evoking their religious beliefs or world view while at work.

"With 'the Act on regulating the appearance of female and male civil servants' passed today by the Federal Council in Germany, the competent ministries and administrations are given the power to restrict the appearance of civil servants evoking their religious beliefs or world views," Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgiç said in a statement.

Bilgiç said the legislation was prepared in a hurry, without opinions of non-governmental organizations and proper public discussion, provoking justified reactions.

"It is extremely important that this regulation is implemented without harming the freedom of belief of our citizens and the Muslim community living in Germany and that it does in no way lead to a headscarf ban," he said.

Bilgiç also said that at a time when Islamophobia, xenophobia and discriminatory movements are rapidly gaining ground in Europe, Turkey expects politicians and legislators to show common sense to not fuel increasing racism
and harm integration efforts. Germany's upper house of parliament approved the controversial legislation on Friday.

Muslim associations have sharply criticized the move and said the legislation was introduced without prior consultation with religious communities. Germany's Interior Ministry claims the move would not introduce a general ban for public employees from wearing religious symbols or clothing at work but would bring restrictions in exceptional cases.