'Turkey to back unification of South Sudanese forces'

'Turkey to back unification of South Sudanese forces'

JUBA-Anadolu Agency
Turkey to back unification of South Sudanese forces

South Sudan’s defense minister on Aug. 24 said Turkey has agreed to strengthen and support the unification of forces after years of conflict in South Sudan.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Minister for Defense and Veterans Affairs Angelina Teny, who came back from Turkey on Sunday after her visit, said her Turkish counterpart has agreed to support them in the training of forces slated for unification.

“We have discussed the possibility of support for South Sudan which is in the process of implementing chapter 2 of the peace agreement, unification of forces, and support for the transformation of our army.”

Chapter 2 of the 2018 peace accord stipulates for the training and unification of the necessary 83,000 forces into one unified professional army.

She disclosed that the discussions also included the UN arms embargo imposed on South Sudan since the conflict began in December 2013.

“We have had a very fruitful discussion that would ensure a good future for South Sudan, a future that would help us transit to proper democracy,” said Teny.

She added that the Turkish government has pledged to support the security sector of South Sudan, adding she will visit Turkey this month (August) to finalize the draft of military cooperation.

“We met with the (Turkish) minister of defense and discussed the possibility of working together. We will have another visit this month to discuss the possibility of cooperation, especially on military industry and production,” said Teny.