Turkey sends third aid train to Afghanistan

Turkey sends third aid train to Afghanistan

Turkey sends third aid train to Afghanistan

A third train carrying tons of humanitarian aid has begun its thousands of kilometers long journey from Ankara to its final destination Afghanistan.

Turkey has already sent goods and medical supplies on two trains to the struggling nation. The first of those “charity trains” with 750 tons of aid departed from Turkey on Jan. 27 and a second with one carrying 920 tons of emergency goods on Feb. 11. They both arrived in Afghanistan earlier this month.

The third train set out to its some 4,200-kilometer-long journey, which lasts more than 10 days, from the Turkish capital on Feb. 25. It is delivering 994 tons of goods in 62 containers, including food, blankets, clothes as well as hygiene and medical supplies.

The efforts for what is dubbed “the Kindness Train” are coordinated by the Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) with the participation of the Turkish Red Crescent, the Interior Ministry and several non-governmental organizations.

With the latest train, Turkey will be delivering a total of 2,663 tons of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

“AFAD has completed its preparations for a fourth aid train, and hopefully more will follow,” said Deputy Interior Minister İsmail Çataklı, speaking at the ceremony in Ankara.

The United Nations says more than 24 million Afghans need urgent help to survive, and half the population is facing acute hunger.

The U.N. said last month that $4.4 billion was needed, as it launched its largest appeal yet for a single country.