Turkey ranks low in child report

Turkey ranks low in child report

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey ranks 92nd among 187 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index, while health, education and social spending levels stand below the world average, according to a report issued by the Child Foundation.

“Health, education and psychosocial support services provided to disabled children are inadequate. There was an upsurge in the categories of violence toward children, child labor and sexual abuse. Child poverty continues to persist and is growing deeper,” said the Turkey and the World Child Report Card in 2011.

Ability to understand

Disorders such as obesity, ectomorphy and dwarfism are pervasive, but mother and child health services have grown more widespread, according to the report.

“Mass education is dominated by a mentality that blunts talent. Our scores in children’s ability to understand what they read is very low [19th place among 23 countries], despite a schooling rate of 95 percent in Turkey,” the report said. No root problems pertaining to education had yet been solved, whether it be shortcomings in resources allocated to education or lack of education materials and teachers, the report said. The document also criticized the trial of children in accordance with the criminal code but highlighted the significance of the Law of the Disabled, as well as the continued provision of health assurances for minors.

The child population is experiencing a dramatic upsurge in the world, with no letups in infant mortality, the report said, adding that some 800 million children were suffering from malnutrition across the globe.