Imera Monastery partially restored

Imera Monastery partially restored

Imera Monastery partially restored

The partial restoration of the İmera Monastery in the Black Sea province of Gümüşhane has been completed. Located in the Olucak village, the gothic-style Christian-Orthodox monastery is among the most important religious structures of the eastern Black Sea region due to its feature whose entrance door is located in the east and for its lighting technique used in its construction.

With a cost of 200,000 Turkish Liras, the monastery’s roof, missing stones and a damaged column and door inside have been restored by the Special Provincial Administration. The full restoration of the monastery is set to be completed in a short time as part of the project.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Gümüşhane Governor Kamuran Taşbilek said that the city is located in a region rich with history, nature and culture.

He said that the İmera Monastery has an important place for many cultures in this context, and that studies are carried out to protect the monastery.

Speaking about the restoration of the monastery, Taşbilek said, “The work in the monastery has been partially completed. The Olucak village, where the monastery is located, the Krom Valley and the ancient city of Santa will be opened to service in terms of cultural tourism. We have been carrying out a master plan in the region with the support of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency.”

Hamdi Nas, the head of the Olucak village, said the monastery is an important landmark. Stating that the structure has been surviving for more than 600 years, he said, “Many people come to see the monastery. People from Greece and Belgium who migrated from here in the past are coming to the village to see the places where their ancestors lived,” he said.

Underlining the region’s tourism potential, Nas hoped that the full restoration work will end soon.