Turkey on edge of social crisis: MHP leader

Turkey on edge of social crisis: MHP leader

Turkey on edge of social crisis: MHP leader

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli warned against the increasing inflation rate, adding that 10 percent price cuts have not resulted in the intended outcome.

Turkey is on the edge of a social crisis. Moreover, the high cost of living is threatening our people,” Bahçeli said on Nov. 6, addressing his lawmakers in parliament.

Turkey’s economy has been heavily harmed by the “currency war” it has faced, said the nationalist leader, stressing that “deep wounds” in the economy should be restored for the sake of the country.

He identified the high inflation rate as an “inflation monster” and said the government’s initiative for a 10 percent price discount on goods has produced limited results.

The people are at unease and worried and the future is at risk, the MHP leader said.

“This picture is alarming and worrying for all of us,” he added.

He welcomed a recent phone conversation between President Recep Tayip Erdoğan and United States President Donald Trump. But he warned against a possible “peace process” on Kurdish issues.

“Seeking to bring Turkey to a new peace process is a trap. Turkish nationals will not be deceived,” he said.

“Negotiations with terrorists are not possible,” Bahçeli said, adding that “citizens of Kurdish-origin are not terrorists.” 

“We are all the Turkish nation,” he said.

Bahçeli was referring to a peace process between the state and the illegal PKK in order to finalize an almost four-decade-old insurgency.

Peace talks between Ankara and the PKK broke down in 2015.