‘Three Musketeers’ to make Istanbul premiere

‘Three Musketeers’ to make Istanbul premiere

‘Three Musketeers’ to make Istanbul premiere

The balletThree Musketeers,” performed by the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet (IDOB), will be staged in Istanbul for the first time.

Adapted from the unforgettable work of Alexandre Dumas, the ballet will be premiered on Dec. 1 at the Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera House.

Volkan Ersoy prepared the screenplay and choreography with Armağan Davran, who won the Ballet-Dance Choreography and the Ballet-Dance Production of the Year Award at the 4th Donizetti Classical Music Awards for his choreography of the “Murat IV” ballet.  

“The ballet made its premiere in 2010 in Ankara. I think it is a very enjoyable, exciting work that will suit Istanbul very well. I can describe it as an ideal work for people who have never seen ballet,” Ersoy said.

Ersoy said they had chosen the music among from all the operas composed by Giuseppe Verdi, and continued:

“We have made arrangements with our conductor Bujor Hoinic to make it a new ballet music. In fact, the works you will listen to are part of Verdi's operas. But we choreographed music before choreographing the ballet. With Hoinic, we scanned all these works. It took us two-three months to select the best music for ‘Three Musketeers.’  Then Hoinic rearranged them according to our script, and put his own compositions among them. So we created the music of the work first.”

Ersoy said “Three Musketeers” was set in old France, adding, “It tells the adventures of D'Artagnan with the motto 'one for all, all for one.' We have created a fun scenario with Davran. We will be on stage with a new story in addition to the sword scenes and the secret love between Lord Buckingham and the queen in the original novel.”

Ersoy said that art lovers had great interest in ballet, and added, “Our tickets are sold out in an hour. I think the number of ballet performances should be increased. It is important for IDOB to bring these works to the audience. Because Istanbul is a brand and has a different meaning.”

Ersoy said that the décor was made by İsmail Dede, costumes by Nursun Ünlü and light design by Fuat Gök.

“Three Musketeers” is set in the 16th century in the French town of Meung, telling the adventures of the young boy named D'Artagnan and the King's guards Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

Erhan Güzel, Batur Büklü ve Olcay Tunçeli, Alican Güçoğlu, Can Bezirganoğlu, Oliver Spence, Nuri Arkan, Deniz Özaydın, Çağatay Özmen, Büşra Ay, Berfu Elmas, Özde Eren, Melike Koper, Julia Hartmann, Gizem Atik Tuncay, Zeynep Güçoğlu and Ömer Erenler perform in the ballet alternately.

“Three Musketeers” will be on stage at the Süreyya Opera House on Dec. 4, 6, 8, 20, 22 and April 2 and 4, 2019 and at Zorlu PSM on March 28, 2019.