The gov’t unable to meet 2023 goals: İYİ Party leader

The gov’t unable to meet 2023 goals: İYİ Party leader

The gov’t unable to meet 2023 goals: İYİ Party leader

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener on April 20 said the government has not been able to achieve its “2023 goals” in the past 20 years of its power in Turkey but still promises to meet those targets in the upcoming eight months.

The government “started to claim that they could do it in eight months what they could not do in 20 years,” Akşener said, addressing her party members at parliament.

Recalling that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has pledged further targets for 2053, even for 2071, Akşener said, “If you want to present a vision for Turkey, first solve today’s problems.”

The politician reiterated her critics for current economy policies practiced by the government.

“We heard those words 11 years ago as well. ‘Great Turkey, Great Power.’ the target was 2023, wasn’t it? What did you promise for 2023? With eight months to 2023, our nation in today’s Turkey waits in line for bread and butter and buys tomatoes and peppers piece by piece,” she said.

Municipalities distribute bread ration cards to citizens because the country imports wheat, she added.

Akşener cited at the fact that inflation has seen the peak of the last 20 years in Turkey and said that the government’s economic theory that “interest is the cause and inflation is the result” was proved wrong.

She also criticized about the judiciary practices in the country. “While the government that administers the country is expected to protect the law of the citizen, unfortunately, in our country today, the law has come to protect the government,” she said.

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