Suicide case goes deeper

Suicide case goes deeper

MALATYA - Doğan News Agency
Suicide case goes deeper

Gendarmerie regiment commander Çillioğlu was found dead in his home. DHA photo

New evidence suggests Col. Kazım Çillioğlu’s suicide note bore a forged signature, according to an investigation into the mysterious 1994 death by a specially authorized court in the eastern province of Malatya.

The Diyarbakır Criminal Police Laboratory in southeastern Turkey that examined the colonel’s alleged suicide note determined that someone had attempted to write the same text on a piece of paper placed over the note. Laboratory officials also discovered the signature on the suicide note did not belong to Çillioğlu either. Officials are also considering the possibility that Çillioğlu, a former gendarmerie regiment commander in the southeastern province of Tunceli, was forced to write the note, according to reports.

Authorities had issued an autopsy report in 1994 indicating that Çillioğlu, who was found dead in his lodgings, had committed suicide, but the investigation was then re-opened in response to an appeal by his son Gökhan Çillioğlu.

A subsequent autopsy conducted in 2011 then revealed the presence of arsenic in the colonel’s hair and fractures on his ribs.

It had also came to light three years after the incident that two firearms given to the colonel by the Turkish military were actually bought with forged documents.