Sudan hails Turkey's support for peaceful transition

Sudan hails Turkey's support for peaceful transition

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Sudan hails Turkeys support for peaceful transition

Turkey has always supported the Sudanese people's ambition of transitioning to civilian rule, Sudan's ambassador to Turkey said on April 18.         

"We thank Turkey for its support. Turkey has made statements respecting the choice of the Sudanese people in this process," said Yousif Ahmed El Tayeb El Kordofani.       

Speaking at a conference organized by the Institute of Strategic Thinking, a think tank based in the Turkish capital Ankara, Kordofani said Sudan is committed to all agreements and protocols with Turkey.       

He said the good relations between Sudan and Turkey will continue.       

Kordofani said the people of Sudan have succeeded in changing the country's rulers without bloodshed.       

President Omar al-Bashir was ousted by the Sudanese army following months of popular protests against his 30-year rule.     

The ruling Military Transitional Council (MTC) now plans to run the nation's affairs for a two-year transitional period, during which presidential elections will be held.       

"Abdel-Fattah Burhan, president of Sudan's ruling MTC, lifted the curfew as soon as he took office and promised commitment to human rights and a timetable for a civilian government," said Kordofani.