Stone dolls to become a brand of Eskişehir

Stone dolls to become a brand of Eskişehir

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Stone dolls to become a brand of Eskişehir

Stone doll producer Dilek Ova says that the production process needs very delicate labor that takes a week.

Demand from around Turkey is growing for dolls that residents of Seyitgazi in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir began producing three years ago from local stones amid local authorities’ efforts to turn the product into a brand.

Seyitgazi Mayor Yalçın Şen said that since taking office he has pursued projects to produce souvenirs that reflect the district’s rich history and culture, holding talks with the Public Education Center to determine what kinds of souvenirs could be produced.

“One of them is dolls made of stone. These dolls used to be produced by locals as a hobby to give their friends and relatives. We obtained their industrial design copyright and registered it. These dolls are completely made of stone and require serious labor. Tourists really appreciate them and they are now of value for Seyitgazi. We produce and promote these dolls, the only example of their kind. Demand for these dolls is seriously increasing,” Şen said.

One week to produce

Stone doll producer Dilek Ova, who attended stone doll production classes at the Public Education Center, has been producing the dolls for three years.

She said the dolls reflect all the characteristics of people from dress to accessories. “I use the stones that we collect from the riversides of the district to create the head, feet and body of the dolls. I make their arms and dresses using special dough that we prepare ourselves. Then I paint them with very thin brushes. This is a very nice and entertaining hobby. I love to create these dolls.”

Ova said it takes one week to completely produce a stone doll, adding that, “They need very delicate labor. The most popular dolls are of Seyitgazi Efe, Nasreddin Hodja, village women and a man carrying firewood on his back. I also produce dolls upon demand and sell them for 30 to 35 Turkish Liras.”

A house owned by the municipality has been allocated as a production center for the stone dolls, and the municipality aims to create a brand for the dolls soon.