Stalker kidnaps 17-year-old girl in disguise of health worker

Stalker kidnaps 17-year-old girl in disguise of health worker

Stalker kidnaps 17-year-old girl in disguise of health worker

A stalker disguised as a health worker in a team tracing contacts for the coronavirus has kidnapped a 17-year-old girl on his third attempt in the southeastern province of Gaziantep, having tried a couple of times before.

The girl’s father, Mehmet Uçar, has said she has been missing for 18 days, seeking help from authorities.

According to the father, a stalker had tried to kidnap his daughter, Berfin Uçar, twice before but failed.

“A month ago, he kidnapped and took her to the province of Kahramanmaraş. She screamed in the car to get the gendarmerie’s attention and got rescued. On Sept. 7, he came to our house with six people. Berfin saved her life by jumping from the balcony.”

Uçar said that the stalker this time used an “unbelievable scenario” to kidnap his daughter.

“I was not at home when he [stalker] came to our apartment with a man and a woman. My wife said that they were in uniforms from head to toe as [contact tracing] filiation teams fighting the coronavirus.”

According to the father, the stalker told Berfin’s mother that they are a filiation team, and Berfin has to get a report from hospital, to which the mother agreed.

“My daughter and her cousin got into the car and went to hospital,” Uçar added.

When they came to the hospital, the stalker told Berfin’s cousin to wait outside the hospital and entered the building with Berfin.

The CCTV showed the stalker leaving the building from the backdoor with Berfin.

“My daughter does not want him. Please save my girl,” the father begged security units to find her.

The girl has been missing for 18 days as of yesterday.