Sexual abuse cases mainly target kids

Sexual abuse cases mainly target kids

Recent data from the Ministry of Justice regarding crimes of sexual abuse in Turkey show that 70 percent of these crimes are committed against children.

According to 2011 data, children were victimized in 18,334 cases, which equal about 70 percent of the year’s 24,000 sexual assault crimes. Within the year 7,610 convicts were charged with raping children under the age of 15. Out of those 4,903 were charged with sexual abusing children and 1,759 were charged with statutory rape. Examinations made into the case files revealed that in 2,013 cases the child’s mental health deteriorated.

Within the sex crimes committed against adults, the highest proportion belongs to sexual abuse, for which 12,621 convicts were sued. In 2011, cases of rape were filed against 2,857 convicts, while the number of files on child molestation was 1,989.

In 2011, 3,715 convicts were put on trial for sexual assault against adults, while 4,903 were charged with sexual assault against children.

The data also revealed that some 13,812 people were sued with the charge of sexual abuse and assault against children in 2009. In 2010, the number of files within this scope increased to 17,241 and reached 18,334 in 2011. In 2009 812 legal cases were filed regarding children forced into prostitution, but in 2011 the number dropped to 672.