Scorching heat to impact across country by weekend

Scorching heat to impact across country by weekend

Scorching heat to impact across country by weekend

Turkey will witness a wave of scorching heat across the country by the weekend, especially in the country’s west with the temperatures rising between 4 to 12 degrees Celsius above the norms, the Turkish State Meteorological Service has said.

According to the statement by the service on May 26, the temperatures will hit 32 degrees Celsius in Istanbul and 40 degrees Celsius in the Aegean provinces of İzmir and Aydın.

“On Sunday [May 29], Istanbul will face temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius,” it said.

According to the service, the temperature will surpass 40 degrees Celsius in Aydın and the northwestern provinces of Yalova, Balıkesir and Bursa on May 29.

Prominent Turkish meteorologist Orhan Şen warned residents not to go out between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. if not necessary to avoid heatstroke.

Experts expect a torrid summer for Turkey due to the global impact of the current meteorological phenomenon La Nina.

“In the first two weeks of June, temperature levels will stay slightly below normal, and we will see arid days. I can say that the months of July and August will be extremely hot and arid compared to the summer of last year,” meteorological engineer Güven Özdemir said.

Özdemir warned that authorities should take precautions against wildfires, droughts and potable water scarcity and risk management teams should be established ahead of summer.