'Rome in Anatolia' documentary by veteran actor

'Rome in Anatolia' documentary by veteran actor

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Rome in Anatolia documentary by veteran actor

Famous Turkish actor Tarık Akan’s documentary will be translated into four languages and showcased to tourists visiting ancient sites. DHA photo

Renowned Turkish actor Tarık Akan has begun to shoot a documentary titled “Anadolu’da Roma” (Rome in Anatolia) in the Mediterranean province of Burdur. The documentary is to be translated into four languages and showcased to tourists during their visits to ruins.

In a press statement he issued in Burdur Archeology Museum, Akan said that five months ago he completed another documentary on Aspendos, one of the leading ancient sites in Turkey.

He said it was a shame that Turkish people did not even know where ancient sites such as Ephesus and Aspendos were located. “We are living in Anatolia. We own the richest source of historical artifacts in the world, but unfortunately no one is aware of that. So, I have begun making a documentary entitled ‘Anadolu’da Roma,’” Akan said.

Akan said the documentary would be completed in 1.5 to 2 years and would last 52 minutes. It will be also translated into English, German, Italian and French, for showing to tourists.

Akan said the shootings at Burdur would be conducted in the ancient sites of Sagalassos and Kibryain, as well as at the Archeology Museum in the province.

“We still have the documentaries I made 15-20 years ago on historical artifacts. When looked at these works, I see once again that everything has changed. Still though, I am slightly obsessed with history and historical artifacts,” he said.

Film for foundation

Akan also said he was shooting the film on behalf of the Nazım Hikmet Foundation and did not receive any financial aid or sponsor support for it. He said he was working with cinematography director Colin Mounier, and that they had managed the works such as sound, light, and photography by themselves.
Akan said he was currently exclusively focused on shooting this documentary. “I have not accepted the film projects offered to me. I am not making any TV series, either. Working 18-19 hours a day is very hard for me,” he said.