Roman Theater and archaeology park project in Ankara

Roman Theater and archaeology park project in Ankara

Roman Theater and archaeology park project in Ankara

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The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is working on a project titled the Roman Theater and Archaeology Park. According to a written statement made by the municipality, works have been initiated to unearth the Roman Theater, which is one of the historical heritages in the Turkish capital.

The restoration and environmental arrangement of the project will be realized this year and it is set to open in 2021.

The Cultural and Natural Properties department president, Bekir Ödemiş, said in the statement that with the project, the historical heritage will be protected in Ulus and around.

Within the scope of a protocol between the municipality and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, the expropriation works in the field started in 2009, he said.

IN PHOTOS: Roman Theater and Archaeology Park in Ankara
Roman Theater and Archaeology Park in Ankara

“The project was approved by the Ankara No. 2 Cultural Heritage Conservation Regional Board. The project, which covers approximately 30,000 square meters, is an animation project. When it is completed, we will preserve the historical texture in accordance with its original. The Ankara Roman Theater is located within the boundaries of ‘Ulus Historical City Center Urban Protected Area’ in the first and second-degree archaeological sites between Hisar Park Street, Kevgirli Street and Hacı Bayram Boulevard, and bordered by the Ankara Castle in the east direction. We are working by carrying out sensitive and meticulous project studies to protect the artifacts from the Roman period. We are preparing joint protocols with the ministry and cooperating with other public institutions and NGOs. The project will bring a new breath to the cultural and historical tourism of Ankara. Also, with the concerts, theaters and events we will hold throughout the year, this area will not be like a Hollywood studio, but will be of a living nature.”

The Roman Theater was discovered in 1982 during a construction excavation. Between 1982-1986, the building was partially unearthed during the excavation work carried out with the scientific consultancy of Ankara University Faculty of Language and History, Geography Faculty, Classical Archeology faculty members and experts of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

It is thought that the Roman Theater was built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C.

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