Risky houses in Istanbul to be relocated

Risky houses in Istanbul to be relocated

Risky houses in Istanbul to be relocated

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum has announced that risky housing units in Istanbul will be relocated to two reserved areas.

“Around 1.5 million risky housing units in Istanbul will be moved to two reserved areas, both on the Asian and European sides. We will achieve our urban transformation goal for the Marmara region without bringing in additional population in the new reserve areas to be created,” Kurum said while speaking in the quake-hit southern province of Hatay.

“There are 1.5 million independent housing units in Istanbul that need to be transformed. Among them, 300,00 need to be transformed urgently. We currently have projects for 94,000 units in Istanbul,” he added.

Speaking about Hatay, Kurum said that they detected 60,000 buildings to be urgently demolished in the city.

“We will work until we build solid buildings here. Demographic structure and historical areas will be observed. We will build buildings on the skirts of Mount Amanos. All buildings will be reexamined. As part of the damage assessments all over Türkiye, 1.5 million buildings have been examined,” he said.

“In Hatay, we have detected 60,000 demolished and heavily damaged buildings. We will carry out the construction process together with the citizens,” he added.

Stating that works have been carried out with scientists, Kurum said: “We will make the construction on the right ground, according to the most accurate construction technique. We have completed the contracts of 2,507 new homes, and their construction has already started.”

“Our goal is to realize the housing tenders in accordance with the local architecture in the villages or in the center in April or May,” he added.

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