Ramadan drummer attacked with knife in Istanbul

Ramadan drummer attacked with knife in Istanbul

Ramadan drummer attacked with knife in Istanbul

A man thought to be a foreign national living in Istanbul’s Şişli district has attacked a Ramadan drummer with a knife and “stabbed the drum” after a short chase.

Every year, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, thousands of drummers take to the streets of Turkey in the dark of night.

Dressed in Ottoman-era attire, the drummers wander the streets to wake up residents for sahur, the last meal before a day of fasting that begins before sunrise.

But the age-old tradition of beating Ramadan drums in the wee hours of the morning to wake residents may seem unusual for some.

The drummer went to a police station and filed a complaint after the incident.

“If the knife didn’t touch the drum, it could come to my heart,” said Fikret Garipler, the drummer.

A footage showing the attack also prompted the authorities to detain the suspect.

In Turkey, people who wake up hearing the drums often tip these drummers as a part of a tradition.

More than 3,000 drummers are working in Istanbul’s streets during this Ramadan, according to unofficial figures.